The One Where You Better Not Have Bed Bugs

Fun Fact of the Day: Villanova is the only Division I team that has not lost to an unranked team so far this season.  Yes, this will be a crazy March Madness!

Today's Rundown




Tell me something I don’t know.  Yesterday, the Washington Redskins confirmed that they won’t be keeping Robert Griffin III (“RGIII”) at QB. It wasn’t exactly a secret because RGIII was spotted cleaning out his locker last month.  Why’d they give him the boot? After injuries and disappointing performances, RGIII was benched this season in favor of Kirk Cousins. So the Redskins have Kirk then? Not exactly… they were trying to work out a long-term contract, but things fell apart. If they don’t play nice, they may have to use the franchise tag to get Kirk (psst—that gives Kirk a big $18M pay check, but it only lasts 1 year, which players haaate because they want commitment on the field, not just a fling).  The deadline for the tag is March 1st, so stay tuned!



FIFA needs a makeover.  This Friday is the big election for the new FIFA president!  Past Shmast.  Last year, the old FIFA president Sepp Blatter and his buddy UEFA president Michel Platini were suspended for 8 years from soccer for a $2M sketchy off-the-books payment.  On top of that, 2 dozen senior FIFA officials were indicted for money laundering and racketeering.  Revamp!  Now, there are 5 candidates running to be the new head honcho. One of them is Jordanian Prince Ali, who is trying to introduce transparency into FIFA, starting with clear voting booths.  Seriously.

Spotlight on Villanova

March Madness is just around the corner, so it’s about time that we spotlight #1-ranked Villanova!

What are their strengths?  They are super-well coached by smart-dressing Jay Wright, who has been with ‘Nova for 15 years. He focuses on getting guys open through consistent ball movement and pick-and-rollsIt pays off!  This year’s team is well rounded, shooting 57% from 2-point range (ranking 4th in the country) and sporting a top-5 defense.

What are their weaknesses?  They are weak from 3-pt range.  Their 3-pt percentage is only 32.6% (ranked 263rd nationally), but they attempt the most 3-point shots in the Big East.  Probably not the best idea.  On top of that, Villanova is known for letting its fans down in the tournament.  The past 2 years they didn’t even make it to the Sweet Sixteen, even though they were ranked as #2 and #1 seeds.

Who should I watch out for?  Literally everyone on the floor.  Villanova has a really deep bench and the players all work to get each other involved.  If you must ask… Their best shooter is Josh Hart, but also be on the look out for veteran seniors Daniel Ochefu and Ryan Arcidiacono.


Do not come near me.  Yesterday, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving said he sat out most of this past weekend’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, because he had bed bugsGAH!  The Hilton, where the team stayed confirmed that there were bed bugs, but said they were only in Kyrie’s room… comforting.

Is this relevant to the job?  The NFL Combine just started yesterday.  It’s that wonderful time of year when the best college players show off feats of strength and speed.  Like any good job interview, they also have to answer insane questions from coaches to prove that they are ready for the NFL.  Past questions from coaches range from fan-girl (“boxers or briefs”) to creepy psychiatrist (“do you think your mother is attractive”).  We can’t wait to see what they dream up this year!

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Tonight use what you learned in our Spotlight when checking out #1 Villanova @ #5 Xavier, 7pm ET!  Xavier will be looking for revenge from when Villanova beat them by 31 points on New Year’s Eve, while Villanova is going for its 7th straight win.