The One Where Tiger’s Back is Back

Fun Fact of the Day:  Until last night’s win, Xavier had lost 6 straight games to Villanova.

Today's Rundown


#5 Xavier upsets #1 Villanova (90-83).  This was some serious payback for the last time these two teams met on New Years Eve, when Xavier lost by 31-points. What was the difference?  Last time around Xavier’s Edmond Sumner left midgame with an injury.  This time he scored 19 points and had help from J.P. Macura who got hot off the bench.  Meanwhile poor Villanova was stuck in foul trouble.  Stay tuned, this could mean yet another #1-ranked team!



The Golden State Warriors of the ice.  Last night the Montreal Canadiens beat the Washington Capitals (4-3) ending the Caps’ 4 game winning streak.  Don’t fret.  The Capitals are still on top. The Caps have won 44 games so far and are on pace to beat the record 62-win season by the Detroit Red Wings in 1995-96.  All this winning has put them waaay ahead of their nearest competitors.  How are they so good?  They are stacked with scorers, led by ol’ reliable Russian Alex Ovechkin who has been with the team since he was drafted #1 in 2004.  He leads the league with 39 goals this year.  So will they go all the way?  It’s hard to say.  Last night’s loss may show that they are getting complacent.  They also have a history of disappointing in the playoffs and have never won the Stanley Cup!

Spotlight on Xavier

With last night’s win, Xavier showed that it is one of the top teams in the country!  Here is our cheatsheet so you know what to watch out for during March Madness.

What are their strengths?  Great-coaching has served the Musketeers well in the Tournament year after year.  They have made it to the Sweet Sixteen, 3 of the past 6 years with Coach Chris Mack at the helm. What else are they good at?  They dominate the boards, out-rebounding their opponents.

What are their weaknesses? They have been running a 1-3-1 zone defense since last year.  It’s usually pretty effective but has had moments of inconsistency, so the Musketeers have been trying out more man-to-man defense throughout the season.

Who should I watch out for?  Trevon Bluiett is the team’s leading scorer, supported by Myles Davis and 5x Big East freshman of the week Edmond Sumner.  Jalen Reynolds and James Farr lead the team in rebounding.

Seen and Heard

Back in the act.  Last year, Tiger Woods had 2 different surgeries for back pain and then there was radio silence on his recovery.  Cue the rumors!  Earlier this week, there were reports that Tiger could barely sit up and needed to ride in cars fully reclined.  Yesterday, Tiger posted a video of himself taking a practice swing to shut down the trolls.  He’s probably still a long way from getting back into the game, but at least he’s not lying down in the backseat!

Oh no you didn’t! Khloe Kardashian revealed on her show that ex-boyfriend Houston Rockets star James Harden was a cheater cheater pumpkin eater, and that’s what led to their breakup.  That’s another big (alley-)oops for Harden after this botched move, earlier this week.