The One Where We Binge-Watch Netflix

Fun Fact of the Day:  On this day 6 years ago, Tiger Woods apologized publicly for all his extramarital affairs.  Remember that?  Yep, made you feel old.  

Today's Rundown


False alarm!  The NBA trade deadline was yesterday and everyone was hoping for some big star swaps.  Instead, it was more like watching kids trading gushers for fruit roll-ups in the cafeteria. Why wasn’t there more action?  There are 3 teams that are waaay ahead of the pack this year: the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Cleveland Cavaliers.  All the other teams don’t think they stand a chance at this year’s Championship, no matter what they do.  Instead, they are waiting to make trades until after the season ends, when players enter free agency and teams have more $$$ to work with because of a higher salary cap.  Still want to learn more about the small potatoes moves? These were the “highlights”:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers got Channing Frye from the Orlando Magic and Portland got Anderson Varejao in a three team trade
  •  LA Clippers got Jeff Green from the Memphis Grizzlies, by dumping Lance Stephenson and a future draft pick
  • Oklahoma City got Randy Foye from the Denver Nuggets



Another fond farewell.  Carolina Panthers defensive end Jared Allen almost literally rode off into the sunset, yesterday.  He announced his retirement from atop his horse via a video on Twitter yesterday.  Why will we miss him?  Allen had the most active career quarterback sacks (136), and held the record for most consecutive games with a sack (11) in 2011-2012.  Enjoy that time on the range!

Spotlight on Oklahoma

With March Madness just a few weeks away, it’s time to spotlight Oklahoma.  These tips can help you as you watch their big game against WVU this weekend or as you’re filling out your bracket.

What are their strengths?  The Sooners are known for their incredibly accurate shooting and ball movement.  They have the best 3-point percentage in the country at 44%.  This is thanks to their star senior Buddy Hield, who is expected to be the national player of the year.  Tell me more about Buddy.  He averages over 25 points a game and he is 48.8% from the 3-pt line.  For some perspective, NBA shooting phenom Steph Curry is currently averaging 45.4% from behind the arc.  Yeah, it’s nuts.

What are their weaknesses?  They just lost 3 straight games including 1 most recently to unranked Texas Tech.  Some people are wondering if the Sooners peaked too soon or if other teams are learning how to shut Buddy down. 

Who else should I keep an eye out for?  Look out for their other leading scorers Isaiah Cousins and Jordan Woodard, as well as Ryan Spangler who is key to the team’s rebounding. 


Time to catch up on Making a Murderer.  Because this is Kobe Bryant’s last season before he retires, he gets showered with gifts everywhere he goes.  It was no different at last weekend’s NBA All-Star game.  Well, maybe a little different.  TMZ got ahold of a video from a Kobe’s farewell dinner where his All-Star friends got him some “gifts.”  Chris Paul got him a cane and some Preparation H, while Dwyane Wade got him a year’s subscription to Netflix to help pass the time.  “Do you want to continue watching?”  Yes, yes I do.

Hot Read

Don’t have Netflix like Kobe?  Here’s your weekend guide of what to watch.


There are a bunch of amazing games this Saturday, but these are the ones that everyone will be talking about:

  • #3 Oklahoma @ #10 WVU—Saturday 4pm
  • #11 Miami @ #5 UNC—Saturday 1pm
  • #20 Duke @ #18 Louisville—Saturday 12pm



  • Golden State Warriors v. LA Clippers—Saturday 8:30pm
  • Cleveland Cavaliers v. Oklahoma City Thunder—Sunday 3:30pm



This weekend is “Hockey Weekend Across America.”  That one weekend a year where the NHL tries to get kiddos interested in hockey.  It culminates in a Minnesota Wild v. Chicago Blackhawks outdoor game. Sunday 3:30pm


Have a great weekend!  We’ll recap the biggest news for you on Monday!