The One With Fightin’ Words

Fun Fact of the Day:  Last night, the Washington Capitals came back from behind to beat the LA Kings (3-1).  The Capitals took home their 41st win of the season and are now tied for most wins through 55 games in NHL history.  

Today's Rundown


Why does this keep happening?  Last night there were two big upsets in college basketball.  But you’ve heard this song before, because both teams have been upset by these same teams, this season.  Here are the deets:

  • #25 Baylor beat #13 Iowa State (100-91).  This game went to OT and the big win was thanks to Johnathan Motley who tied a career high 27 points.  When was the last time he scored 27 points?  Oh, just last month, when they beat Iowa State the first time.
  • #24 Texas beat #10 West Virginia (85-78). This one really stung because the Texas also beat WVU 56-49 at the end of January.  How did they do it?  WVU’s leading scorer Jaysean Paige went out with an ankle injury and Texas’s Eric Davis Jr. made a string of 3-point shots which took them out to an early lead. 

Spotlight on West Virginia University

Despite last night’s loss, WVU is currently ranked as one of the best teams in the Big 12 so they are still a team to watch as you start your March Madness research.  Don’t know the first thing about the Mountaineers?  Didn’t even know that WVU were the Mountaineers before I just said that?  Here’s Goalposte’s guide on what you need to know:

What are their strengths?  WVU is known for their full court press defense (psst—that means WVU aggressively guards the opposing team even when they are inbounding the ball, rather than allowing them to come up half the court.  Check out an example here).  All the effort really pays off because they have the most steals per game (10.4) in the country.  WVU also has the highest offensive rebounding percentage (41.5%), thanks to forward Devin Williams who has 12 double-doubles this season (that doesn’t mean Williams has been stuffing his face at McDonald’s.  It means he’s hit double digits in 2 of the key basketball stats, in this case, >10 points and >10 rebounds).

What are their weaknesses?  They really struggle making free throws, averaging only 66% from the foul line.

Who should I keep an eye out for?  On top of Devin Williams, check out the other star rebounder Jonathan Holton who was reinstated after a 4-game suspension. Esa Williams is one of the team’s top scorers, along with Jaysean Paige and Daxter Miles, who are now both recovering from injuries.  

Seen and Heard

No takesies backsies.  Yesterday world-renowned boxer Manny Pacquiao said it was “common sense” that people in gay relationships are “worse than animals.”  Yep, those are direct quotes.  When people got angry, Manny issued a half-hearted apologyNot a good stump speech.  To make matters worse, Pacquiao is a current member of the Philippine House of Representatives and he’s campaigning for a Senate seat. With these comments and the widespread outrage, Pacquaio may lose the race.  #Lovewins

Braving it all.  You may remember that former UFC champion Ronda Rousey lost the first match of her MMA career last year to Holly Holm.  Yesterday on the Ellen Show, she emotionally confessed that she felt like she lost her identity as a winner and even had suicidal thoughts right after the fight.  We’re really glad that Ronda has bounced back, including hosting SNL earlier this year and making the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue.  We’re rooting for her to get back into the ring soon!

Hot Read


Rivalry week continues with #20 Duke @ #5 UNC tonight!  These two teams have met 74 times as ranked teams.  That is a lot.  No other pair of ranked teams has met more than 40 times.