The One Where We Dig Up the Past and Get Real Dirty

Fun Fact of the Day:  Including this weekend’s win by the West, 5 out of the past 6 NBA All-Star games have been won by the West.

Today's Rundown

While you were celebrating V-day with that special someone, approximately one million things happened in the world of sports this long weekend.  Buckle-up we’ve got some catching up to do!



NBA All-Star game.  This weekend basketball superstars and celebrities were out in full force in Toronto for the NBA All-Star game festivities.  It was all fun and games, literally.  Here are your Goalposte cliff notes:

  • The West beat the East in the highest scoring NBA All-Star game of all time 196-173.  Russell Westbrook won his second straight MVP award for the big game.  While Kobe didn’t win the MVP, he still won the most fan votes on Twitter. 
  • Klay Thompson beat out his Splash Brother Steph Curry in the 3-point contest rematch.  Now the bros have a matching set of wins. 
  • Zach LaVine did his best Michael Jordan impression to defend his slam-dunk contest title, while runner-up Aaron Gordon flew over the Orlando Magic mascot.  
  • Rookie Karl-Anthony Towns showed that big men can have serious b-ball skillz too when he showed off all that technique at the Skills Challenge
  • Despite Kevin Hart’s surprise return to the court for Team USA, Coach Drake’s Team Canada won the celebrity game.  



Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me 3 times and you’re banned for life… Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejia made history as the first player to ever be permanently suspended from baseball for PED use.  He’s tested positive on 3 PED tests in the past year, but he keeps pulling a Shaggy and saying “it wasn’t me.”  Next year, he can ask the Commissioner to be reinstated, but my Magic 8 ball says, “Outlook not so good.” 



Slippage on the ice.  This past weekend Minnesota Wild coach Mike Yeo was fired.  This was his 5th season with the Wild.  Even though he took his team to to the playoffs the past 3 seasons, this year they took a huge step backwards. They are currently ranked in 11th place in the Western Conference and have the fewest points in the NHL for the past 19 games.  Who’s going to take over? Interim head coach John Torchetti who’s being called up from coaching in the minors.  How’s Torchetti’s record?  Right now his minor league team has the second worst record in the AHL… so… yay?



Started from the bottom now we’re here.  I know, I know, who cares about soccer, but big things are happening across the pond in the Premier League (or the English professional football league).  Leicester City is on top of the standings with only 12 games left to go, which is making Brits ask what in bloody hell is going on?  What is the big deal?  The same 5 teams have won the Premier League competition since it began in 1992—hint, hint: those teams do not include Leicester City.  Leicester has no big stars, but is known for its incredible teamwork.  I smell an inspirational Disney movie in the making.  While Arsenal cut into Leicester’s lead by defeating them this weekend, thanks to a well placed goal by Danny Welbeck in stoppage time, you can bet anglophiles and Thais around the world will be watching to see how this Cinderella story plays out. 



Oops we did it again… #6 Kansas had a huge victory this weekend on the road, upsetting #3 Oklahoma (76-72).  Wait, I’ve heard this one before… The last time these two teams met was over a month ago when they were ranked #1 and #2 in the nation, and Kansas took home the big W in triple overtime.  This time around Kansas perfected its game plan: shut down Oklahoma’s superstar senior Buddy Hield.  It worked.  Hield was held to 24 points with no field goals in the first half, whereas last time around he scored a whopping 46 points.  Who took the lead for Kansas?  Devonte Graham, who scored a career-high 27 points and was all over Hield like white on rice.

Seen and Heard

A roller coaster of emotions.  Just last weekend everyone was celebrating QB Peyton Manning’s incredible football legacy and the Denver Broncos huge win in the Super Bowl against the Carolina Panthers.  This weekend, not so much.  The internet caught fire with 20-year old allegations of a sexual assault committed by Manning during his time at the University of Tennessee.  The plaintiff was an athletic trainer at the university, who alleged that Manning placed his naked genitals on her face while she was examining his foot for an injury.  Manning said that he was just mooning a teammate, but the teammate said “not so.”  Now as Manning is expected to make a decision about whether to retire from football, you can bet that this incident and recent HGH allegations are going to leave their mark on his friendly, chicken-parm-loving image.