The Tyreek Hill Problem

Fun Fact of the Day: San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is known for his gruff but charming interview responses. Lately, he’s taken to speaking his mind a little bit more, particularly about the recent election. Some Spurs fans have really liked what he has had to say; Popovich received 25 votes for president last month.

Today’s Rundown


Tyreek Hill’s dark past. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders last night 21-13. The Raiders were a little off their A-game, because it was frigidly cold in Kansas City with wind chill temperatures in the single digits. The cold didn’t seem to bother the Chiefs’ rookie running back Tyreek Hill, who scored 2 touchdowns. Hill is becoming a breakout star this season with the Chiefs, and it poses a big problem for the NFL. That’s because 2 years ago, Hill was cut from his college football team for abusing his pregnant girlfriend, including strangling her and punching her in the stomach. He pled guilty to the charges, was put on probation, and had to enroll in an anger management course. Now, he’s a rising star in the NFL, and of course the league is handling it terribly. Just last week, the NFL featured Hill’s high-5 touchdown celebration as the background of their official Twitter account, which (setting aside the conflicting message on praising / penalizing touchdown celebrations) symbolically showed that the NFL is willing to turn a blind eye towards domestic violence by their stars.

Seen and Heard


It’s time to grow up. Rumor has it that Houston will hire Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin as their next head coach. Kiffin is a slightly controversial pick. There’s no doubt that he has the experience for the job. After all, he was the head coach for USC, Tennessee, and the Oakland Raiders before spending the past 3 seasons working for Alabama’s no-nonsense head coach Nick Saban. But throughout Kiffin’s career he’s been criticized and reviled by fans. Why?  Some fans hated him because they assumed his famous dad, NFL defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin helped him get his head coaching jobs. Others were mad when he ditched Tennessee after only 1 season, to coach at USC. But most people just think he’s annoying and immature. The 41-year-old father of 3 frequently trolls his old teams on Twitter and sends out Bitmojis. On the field, he’s used juvenile ploys like telling his players to exchange uniforms to confuse the opposing team.  

The Art of war.  Former Baylor football coach Art Briles is suing 3 school regents and a vice president for libel and slander. Briles was fired this spring after Baylor’s football program became embroiled in a massive sexual assault scandal. Now, he’s claiming that the school conspired to damage his reputation by disseminating false information about him, including falsely stating that he knew of assaults and gang rapes by football players and didn’t report them. [For more info on the scandal, check out our cheat sheet.]

Hot Read


Week 14 Game of the Week: Dallas Cowboys (11-1) @ New York Giants (8-4).  Last weekend, the Cowboys were the first team to clinch a spot in the playoffs. This week they’ll be out for payback, the Giants handed them their only loss of the season back in Week 1. Sunday 8:30pm ET on NBC



Army v. Navy. This storied rivalry dates all the way back to 1890, but lately the game hasn’t been much of a contest. Navy has won 14 games straight and holds a 60-49-7 edge in the series. If the game is a blowout, you can always amuse yourself by drinking every time President-elect Trump shows up on your screen. He’ll be be attending the game and sitting on the Army side one half of the game and the Navy side for the other half. Saturday 3pm ET on CBS