Duke Villainy

Fun Fact of the Day:  Earlier this week, the 2016 Pro Bowl selections were announced, and the Cleveland Browns had more players selected than wins this season: one. Left tackle Joe Thomas, who has never missed a snap in his career with the Browns, was nominated for the 10th time. (Psst—don’t know what the Pro Bowl is? We’ve got you covered.

Today’s Rundown


Back to his old trips.  Do you remember Duke villain and Ted Cruz look-alike, Grayson Allen? Last season, he was spotted tripping 2 of his opponents and became the most hated player in all of college basketball. Over the summer, he said he wanted to get his reputation backSo much for that…  Last night, Allen was spotted tripping a third basketball player. The refs gave him a technical foul for the play and he threw a massive tantrum on the sideline. After the game, he and Duke's Coach K personally apologized the player and his coach. Now, everyone is calling for Allen to be suspended so that he might finally learn his lesson, but Coach K said he’s not going to give into the public pressure.



Sleeping under the influence.  Former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd has been charged with a “super extreme DUI” (yep, really what it’s called), after his BAC results came back at 0.217 percent. If he’s found guilty, he could face automatic jail time. What happened?  He was found asleep in his car a few hours after the Cards lost to the Miami Dolphins. A video was released of police struggling to wake him up and asking him a few basic questions that he had trouble answering. A few days after the incident, the Cards released him and the New England Patriots picked him up. Yesterday, Pats’ coach Bill Belichick explained that they already knew about the video and legal troubles before signing him.



A bum thumb.  Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith will need surgery on his broken thumb and will be out 4-6 weeks. Smith was a big part of the Cavs’ championship campaign last season, but he’s been a little out of sync so far this season. The Cavs will miss his 3-point shooting ability. (For more on J.R. Smith, check out our past spotlight).



Mixon feelings. After receiving significant criticism and backlash, Oklahoma’s head coach Bob Stoops agreed that in hindsight he should have dismissed running back Joe Mixon. Over 2 years ago, Mixon pled guilty to misdemeanor assault, after he punched a female student so hard she broke 4 bones in her face. The school suspended him for 1 year, but he was back to being a big football star this past season. Now, Stoops says that he regrets the lenient sentence, but at the time they felt it was a “significant and strong punishment.”

Hot Read


N.Y. Giants (10-4) @ Philadelphia Eagles (5-9).  If the Giants win tonight, they’ll clinch a playoff spot for the first time since 2011. After getting off to a hot start at the beginning of the season, the Eagles really took a nosedive. Now, they’ve been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, so they’ll only be playing to try to spoil the season for their NFC East division rivals. 8:30pm ET on NBC