Monday Night Football Gets Weird

Fun Fact of the Day:  If Hillary Clinton wins today, she'll have to thank Alabama’s win over LSU. The outcome of the Alabama-LSU game has accurately predicted every presidential election since 1984. Whenever Alabama has won (as they did this past weekend), we’ve ushered in a Democratic president.

Today’s Rundown

NFL: Monday Night Football edition

The Field Goal Saga. The Seattle Seahawks beat the Buffalo Bills 31-25 thanks to two 1-handed touchdown catches by tight end Jimmy Graham and Russell Wilson finally looking healthy at QB. But everyone will be talking about the hectic ending to the 1st half of the game. Try your best to follow along…

A botched call.  With 3 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, the Bills attempted a field goal, but Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman jumped over the line of scrimmage early and knocked over the kicker. The refs penalized him for being offside, but missed the unnecessary roughness call against the kicker.

Weird consequences.  Athletic trainers had come onto the field to check out the kicker when he got tackled to the ground. When that happens but no foul is called, the examined player has to come out of the game for the next play.

Everyone freaks out. The Bills coaches were flipping out on the sidelines! There were only 3 seconds left in the half! What were they supposed to do send in some backup kicker?!?!

Spiked ball. Thanks to some quick thinking by head coach Rex Ryan, the Bills spiked the ball on the next play and stopped the clock with 1 second left. Just enough time to send the kicker back out and try one more field goal.

A swing and a miss.  Just as the kicker made a perfect field goal, the refs called a delay of game penalty. ARGHH!!! They got sent 5 yards back to try again, and the kicker missed his final attempt.

Did I do that?  As everyone with eyes suspected, the NFL VP of officiating tweeted that the refs missed the initial unnecessary roughness call that caused this whole messy chain of events. Nice work.



Back on track. Phew, Steph Curry is all right everyone! Last game, he didn’t make a single 3-pointer out of his ten attempts, ending his streak of games with a 3-pointer at 157 and panicking fans. Fortunately, last night he rebounded in a big way; he set a new NBA record by making thirteen 3-pointers in the Golden State Warriors' win against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Seen and Heard


Attention hog.  Shark tank judge and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban revoked media credentials for two Dallas-based ESPN writers. According to the rumor mill, Cuban was mad because they weren’t covering the Mavs enough. The reporters would go to Dallas home games just to write about the visiting teams. To be fair, the Mavs aren’t exactly the most newsworthy team at the moment. They are off to a sad 1-5 start and star Dirk Nowitzki is out this week with an Achilles injury.



Beware the little blue pill.  The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) suspended UFC fighter Jon Jones for 1 year for using an *ahem* sexual enhancement drug. Not too long ago, Jones was widely regarded as the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. He was the light heavyweight champion from 2011-2015, but he was stripped of his titles in 2015 because he caused a hit-and-run car accident, which injured a pregnant lady. Earlier this summer, he was supposed to make his big redemptive return to UFC fighting, but he tested positive for estrogen blocking PEDs. After months of arbitration, the USADA agreed that Jones didn’t intentionally cheat, but he did carelessly take a Cialis knock-off that had traces of the banned substances.



Fitz Fallin’. New York Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick suffered a mild MCL sprain during this weekend’s loss to the Miami Dolphins. It’s not very serious, but he might miss this week’s game against the L.A. Rams. This could be a perfect opportunity for 2nd year QB Bryce Petty to make his first start. ICYMI: Jets fans aren’t exactly mourning the loss of Fitzpatrick. He’s had a terrible season so far, including throwing a league-high 13 interceptions and briefly getting benched in favor of Geno Smith.