108 Years in the Making

Fun Fact of the Day: This World Series was as close as it gets. Throughout the 7-game series, the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians each scored 27 runs. The last time both teams scored the same number of runs in a World Series was -- you guessed it, the last time the Indians won the championship—in 1948, over the Atlanta Braves.

Today’s Rundown


Lovable Losers no more!  Last night, the Cubs did something they haven’t done in 108 years… they won the World Series! The game’s twists and turns had fans biting their fingernails and players in a glass case of emotion. Here’s your recap of the crazy Game 7:

The tie. In the 8th inning, the Cubs were up 6-3 on the Indians, when they decided to bring in their All-Star closer Aroldis Chapman. Usually, Chapman’s known for being one of the best closers in the biz with his 100+ mph pitches, but there was one big problem: he had also pitched the night before in Game 7. He was exhausted and his pitches didn’t have their usual zip. He gave up 3 runs to tie up the game 6-6.

The end of days. By the end of the 9th inning, the teams were still tied, so the game went into extra innings. But before they could get started, there was a sudden downpour on the field, leading to a 17-minute rain delay. Was it the apocalypse?  One Twitter user freakishly predicted this would happen way back in 2014.

The win. In the 10th inning, World Series MVP Ben Zobrist hit an RBI double and Miguel Montero singled home a run to give the Cubs a 2-run lead. The Indians’ managed to score 1 run, before getting closed out, with the final score 8-7.

Go Cubs Go! After the win, Cubs fans filled the streets of Chicago, everyone sent sweet tweets about their grandparents that were waiting for this moment, celebrity superfan Bill Murray chugged champagne with the team in the locker room, and everyone (including Draymond Green) made jokes at Cleveland’s expense about blowing a 3-1 lead in the series. 

Seen and Heard


Splitsville.  Yesterday, Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner resigned because of “different views” with head coach Mike Zimmer. Turner helped the team get off to a perfect 5-0 start, despite losing their superstar running back Adrian Peterson to a knee injury. But over the past two weeks things have fallen apart in a hurry, the team lost consecutive games to the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears.



The boy who cried “golf.”  Ever since his two back surgeries last year, Tiger Woods has been teasing his return to golf. Just a few weeks ago he signed up for the Safeway Classic, but withdrew at the last minute. This time around he says he’s really serious. In December, he’s signed up to play in the Hero World Challenge, a charitable event in the Bahamas that benefits the Tiger Wood Foundation.  It will be his first tournament since 2014.

Hot Read


Oklahoma City Thunder @ Golden State Warriors.  DRAMAAAA!! This is the first game between these teams, since Kevin Durant broke up with Russell Westbrook via text and joined the Warriors. Despite the fact that they haven’t spoken since the split, KD said in a recent interview that he loves Russ like a “brother.” He explained that they grew up together in OKC, but by the end of their 8 seasons, their lives had moved in different directions. Russ had a stable family life and married his college girlfriend, while KD was still trying to find himself. Even though KD insists there’s no “basketball beef,” you can bet this game will be uber feisty and competitive. 10:30pm ET on TNT



Atlanta Falcons (5-3) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4).  Sure, the Bucs beat the Falcons in Week 1, but since then they look like 2 completely different teams. The Bucs lost a bunch of their key players, including their top 2 running backs, while the Falcons QB Matt Ryan and star wide receiver Julio Jones have caught fire. Although the Bucs will benefit from the fact that Jones is still bouncing back from a knee injury. 8:30pm ET on NFLN