Our First Peek At Jared Goff

Fun Fact of the Day:  Yesterday, MLB Manager of the Year honors were announced. Dave Roberts (LA Dodgers) won for the NL in his debut season as a pro coach, while Terry Francona (Cleveland Indians) won in the AL for the 2nd time in 4 seasons.

Today’s Rundown


I believe that we will… lose.  Last night, the USMNT was embarrassed by the Costa Rica team 4-0, in the World Cup qualifier. If you’re keeping track that means we’ve lost our first 2 games of the Hex. Not. Good. Remind me, what does it take to qualify for the World Cup?  Each region of the world holds a number of qualifying rounds. The USMNT has made it to the final round called the Hexagonal or “Hex” because there are 6 teams left. Each team plays one home game and one away game (10 games total) against each other team over the course of the next year. In the end, the top 3 teams automatically qualify for the 2018 World Cup and the 4th place team will play for a spot against Asia’s 5th place finisher.

Seen and Heard


Oh my Goff!  It’s finally happening! The Los Angeles Rams are planning to start rookie QB Jared Goff over Case Keenum in this week’s game against the Miami Dolphins. Rams fans have been calling for Goff to get the starting job for a while now, because Keenum and the Rams’ offense have scored the fewest points in the NFL. But week-after-week, his coaches insisted he wasn’t ready for the big time… until now! Will he be worth the wait?  Goff will have some pretty high expectations to meet—not because Keenum was any good, but because he was this year’s #1 NFL draft pick and he’s going to be compared to the other stellar rookie QBs in the league: Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott and Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz.

Kicking and screaming.  The Minnesota Vikings decided to release their kicker Blair Walsh. This has been the culmination of an embarrassing year for Walsh. Last season, he missed a chip shot in the playoffs that cost his team the NFC West wild card game. Unfortunately, that miss was not a fluke. This season, he’s missed 4 extra points—the most in the league. Last week, his coaches tried to light a fire under his bum by trying out new kickers, but apparently it didn’t work.  



All the King’s men. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Knicks President of Basketball Phil Jackson just started a feud with Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James. In an interview with Jackson, the conversation turned to the time LeBron left the Miami Heat to go back to the Cavs. Jackson was asked if he could imagine having a superstar player like LeBron leave one of his teams. In response, Jackson decided to talk about how LeBron likes “special treatment” and has a “posse.” LeBron took issue with the response because he thought it was demeaning for Jackson to call his business partners a “posse”—something he thought Jackson wouldn’t have said about a white player’s associates. That was heavy… need a pick me up?  Watch this real-life Hungry Hungry Hippos contest that happened during intermission at a Cavs game.



A new #2.  This weekend a bunch of the top ranked college football teams—#2 Clemson, #3 Michigan, and #4 Washington were all upset. Last night, the College Football Playoffs committee announced the new rankings, and there wasn’t too much shuffling. Alabama stayed on top at #1 as the only undefeated team, Ohio State made its appearance at #2, Michigan stayed at #3, Clemson rounded out the top 4, and Washington dropped down to #6.