The NBA is back!

Fun Fact of the Day: Kentucky has produced the most NBA players on this season’s opening day rosters with 23, followed by Duke (20) and Kansas (15).

Today’s Rundown


Brock’s Sliding Doors moment. The Denver Broncos beat the Houston Texans 27-9 and gave Texans QB Brock Osweiler a taste of what he was missing. This was Osweiler’s first time back in Mile High stadium since he was the Broncos’ QB last season and he struggled going up against his old team. Last year, Osweiler started 7 games for the Broncos while old man Peyton Manning was healing from a foot injury. Afterwards he skipped town for a big 4-year, $72M contract with the Texans, $2M more per year than the Broncos were offering. But let this game be a lesson to you, young Brock: not all career decisions are about the money. It looked painfully obvious that the Broncos were the better team and Osweiler never should have left.

Seen and Heard


Throwing hissy Fitz. During this weekend’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, NY Jets QB Geno Smith tore his ACL, likely ending his Jets career. The 26-year-old will become a free agent at the end of the season, and the Jets aren’t likely to re-sign him. Smith’s injury also means the Jets are back to starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. In case you forgot, Fitz was having a rough start to the season, including throwing a league-high 11 interceptions, so the Jets benched him in favor of Smith. When Smith went out of this week’s game, they were forced to put Fitz back on the field. After winning, Fitz said he played well because he was “pissed off” the team stopped believing in him. Jets coach Todd Bowles responded, "If pissed off is going to stop the turnovers, then I'm more than happy to have him play pissed off." Touché.

Foster care. 30-year-old running back and 4x Pro Bowler, Arian Foster announced his early retirement. Previously, Foster spent 6 seasons with the Houston Texans where he was one of the best in the biz; he still holds franchise records for rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. This year, he signed with the Miami Dolphins and was doing well until he pulled his groin and hamstring in Week 2. While he’s been out, fellow Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi has been tearing up the field, racking up 200+ rushing yards in each of the past 2 games.

Hot Read


World Series Game 1: Chicago Cubs @ Cleveland Indians. You can stop pinching yourself, it’s really happening! These 2 teams that are synonymous with baseball sadness will be duking it out for a chance to win the World Series. Tonight, the Cubs will start Jon Lester and the Indians will start ace Corey Kluber. Both pitchers have been fantastic so far this postseason. Play ball. 8pm ET on FOX.



The Season Opener. The NBA is back! What did you miss this offseason?  Oh just a summer of celebrating shirtless, a giant free agency shake up, some quiet retirements by basketball legends, and a 3rd consecutive gold in Rio. NBD.

We kick the season off tonight with 2 exciting games:

  • New York Knicks @ Cleveland Cavaliers. The gang’s all back! Most of last year’s championship Cavs team is back together, including stars LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love. They’ll face off against a Knicks team that looks an awful lot like the former Chicago Bulls with recently acquired point guard Derrick Rose and center Joakim Noah. 7:30pm ET on TNT
  • San Antonio Spurs @ Golden State Warriors. This is going to be our first regular-season glimpse at the scary superteam that is the Warriors. In case you missed it, the already rich Warriors got even richer this summer when they won the Kevin Durant free agency lottery. They are easily the favorites to win the championship this year, but the Spurs will be a good first test. This will be the Spurs first game in the post-Tim Duncan world, after the stoic future Hall-of-Famer quietly retired this summer. 10:30pm ET on TNT