A Cubs v. Indians World Series!

Fun Fact of the Day: The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series was in 1908. That was 20 years before the invention of sliced bread.

Today’s Rundown

You missed a yuuuge weekend in sports! Here’s your cheatsheet on what went down:


The Chicago Cubs are headed to the World Series!  On Saturday night, the Cubs beat the LA Dodgers to win the NL pennant! In case you forgot, Cubs fans have been waiting a long, long, LONG time for this—the last time they made it to the World Series was way back in 1945, 2 years before MLB was desegregated by Jackie Robinson. Next up, the Cubs will face the Indians in the World Series. No matter which team wins, it will be the end of generations of suffering for one set of fans. The Indians haven’t won the World Series since 1948, though the city of Cleveland did get a lift earlier this year from that other big championship win.

MLB Playoff Bracket



Week 7 highlights:

  • Sunday Night Football ended in a tie. This game was not really the ratings gold that the NFL was hoping for. The Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals played tough defense, resulting in a 6-6 tie. Each team had a chance to win the game in overtime but both kickers completely shanked their chip shots. Oh well. ¯\_()_/¯ 
  • Making beautiful Fitz-magic. After losing 4 straight games, the NY Jets decided to bench QB Ryan Fitzpatrick for Geno Smith last week. That decision was super short-lived. In the 2nd quarter of yesterday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, Smith got a knee injury and Fitzpatrick was sent back out onto the field. This time around Fitz played with a vengeance and led the team to a 24-16 victory. Any more questions about who should be starting?  Fitz doesn’t think so. He was pretty PO’ed about getting benched for Smith in the first place, and now he thinks he’s earned the job permanently
  • The Cleveland Browns QB curse. This weekend Browns rookie QB Cody Kessler got a concussion, so fellow rookie Kevin Hogan took over. Don’t recognize that name? Don’t waste time trying to memorize it. If the past is any indication, he won’t last too long. Hogan is the 6th QB to attempt a pass for the Browns this season. No other NFL team has had more than 3
  • Who won the breakup?  You know how you try to look as good as possible the first time you see an ex after the breakup? Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for Minnesota Vikings QB Sam Bradford. He was back in Philly for the first time since he demanded a trade this summer. During the game, he was sacked 6x and turned the ball over 3x, leading to the Vikings’ first lost of the season. In case you need a refresher… Bradford and the Eagles didn’t leave things on good terms. Bradford was the Eagles starting QB, but his feelings were hurt when the team traded up in the NFL draft to get hot young thing, QB Carson Wentz. Bradford ended up with the Minnesota Vikings, when their starting QB Teddy Bridgewater went down with a leg injury in the preseason. And he was doing really well… until yesterday. 



Week 8 recap. #2 Ohio State was upset this weekend by unranked Penn State! The Nittany Lions sealed the deal by blocking a field goal and returning it for the winning touchdown with 4.5 minutes left in the game. This was a BIG deal for both teams. Ohio State dropped down to #6 in the rankings, which means they have to win all their remaining games to have a chance at the College Football Playoffs. Meanwhile, Penn State is now ranked #24—their first appearance in the AP rankings since the 2011 Sandusky child molestation scandal.

Seen and Heard


Oh no you McA-don’t! Last week, police released documents showing that NY Giants kicker Josh Brown admitted to abusing and emotionally manipulating his wife. The NFL and Giants said that they would review the new information and in the meantime they placed Brown on the Commissioner’s exempt list. It’s unclear what they intend to do next. Over the weekend, Giants coach Ben McAdoo said they wouldn’t “turn [their] backs on Josh”, and Giants owner John Mara admitted that Brown had told them that he beat his wife in the past. Ahem...what are you waiting for? In a letter to Sports Illustrated, Annie Apple, the mother of Giants player Eli Apple and a survivor of domestic violence called out the team for their anti-DV lip service and soft response to Brown.  

Hot Read


Houston Texans (4-2) @ Denver Broncos (4-2). Texans QB Brock Osweiler is returning to Denver for the first time since he was their QB. Last year, Osweiler helped lead the Broncos to the playoffs, while old man Peyton Manning was healing up from a foot injury. Then he was unceremoniously benched when Manning returned. Afterwards, Osweiler skipped town to sign with the Texans for a big $72M deal. This season, his performance has been pretty wishy-washy, but you can bet he’ll want to show off his best stuff against his old team. 8:30pm ET on ESPN


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