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Fun Fact of the Day:  The NFL aka “No Fun League” instituted a new policy, which forbids teams from posting video clips or GIFs from games to social media. That didn’t stop a couple of teams from tweeting out their own remakes of key plays using tiny football player figurines.

Today’s Rundown


ALCS: Cleveland Indians lead the Toronto Blue Jays in the series 2-0.  It’s official: the Indians are the hottest team of the playoffs. The Indians’ breakout star is setup reliever Andrew Miller. Right before the playoffs, the team traded away 4 top prospects to get him and now they look like freaking geniuses. The Indians have been using him unconventionally—right smack dab in the middle of games, and it's been working.

NLCS: Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs are tied 1-1. The Dodgers won 1-0 last night, thanks again to their ace Clayton Kershaw. Despite pitching 3 times in the past 6 days, Kershaw still had plenty of arm left. In past postseasons, he has pitched some disappointing 7th innings, but he put those demons behind him with last night’s dazzling performance.



Week 6 highlights. A lot happened yesterday, here’s your cheatsheet on the biggest stories of the weekend:



Week 7 highlights.  There were a couple of close calls at the top of the rankings to know about:

Seen and Heard


A family tragedy. Trinity Gay, a promising young sprinter and the 15-year-old daughter of Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay, died after being shot at a restaurant in Kentucky. The stray bullet came from 2 nearby cars that exchanged gunfire.

Hot Read


ALCS Game 3. Cleveland Indians @ Toronto Blue Jays. Can the Indians make take a 3-0 lead in the series?  8pm ET on TBS



New York Jets (1-4) @ Arizona Cardinals (2-3). Neither of these teams is off to a great start, but this should be a fun and friendly rivalry game between coaches. Jets coach Todd Bowles used to play safety for Cardinals coach Bruce Arians back at Temple University. 8:30pm ET on ESPN


Q&A with Liz Panucci

Read our feature on Liz Panucci, the founder and editor of NFLFemale.com, which has grown into a broad social network that features female fans representing all 32 NFL teams.  Read on to find out how Panucci fell in love with the NFL as a Canadian teenager and how she got the inspiration for NFLFemale.com.