The One Where We Bow to the Freaking Sheriff

Super Bowl Countdown: T-9 days 

Fun Fact of the Day: Both QBs Peyton Manning and Cam Newton come from football families.  You probably already knew Peyton’s dad Archie and brother Eli as NFL QBs.  But did you also know that Cam’s older brother Cecil Jr. played center for the Baltimore Ravens and Cam’s dad Cecil Sr. barely missed the cut as a safety for the NFL?  Cam’s little brother Caylin is also making waves on the high school football scene.  These apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

Today's Rundown


Some much needed R&R.  Last night #8 Maryland defeated #3 Iowa.  Maryland really needed a win after losing on the road to #12 Michigan State this past Saturday.  The coach gave them a couple days off from practice to rest up and they were able to bring home this victory against Iowa with fresh legs and the benefit of home court advantage.



Andy Murray v. Milos Raonic. At the time of this newsletter, these two are still locked in an intense battle over who will make it to the Australian Open Finals to play Novak Djokovic!  Let's see if Andy Murray can make it past this round.  He's made it to the Finals 4 other times, but he's never won an Australian Open title.  Tune in here to see what happens live!

Seen and Heard


That’s my slice.  We’re getting closer and closer to the Super Bowl (Feb. 7) and the Carolina Panthers are having some mixed reactions to the big game against the Denver Broncos.  Cornerback Josh Norman admitted yesterday that he grew up watching Broncos QB Peyton “The Sheriff” Manning since he was little and will bow to him out of respect if he forces an interception.  Other Panthers had their game faces on and said they were willing to take Peyton’s “last slice of pizza” before he retires.  Yep, the pizza in this metaphor is a Super Bowl ring.

“Siri, how do you describe Ciara?”  Yesterday, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson tweeted some sweet and sappy sentiments about girlfriend Ciara.  Too bad they may have been plagiarized from a Google search for “how to describe a beautiful woman.”  Next time, maybe don’t go for the very first result, Russell. 

Hot Read

No plans for the weekend?  No problem!  There are literally one million events happening this weekend, so it’s time to settle onto the couch and get your snack on.


The Australian Open Finals.  If you’re an insomniac, you can tune in to see who is crowned champion out of Serena Williams v. Angelique Kerber and Novak Djokovic v. the winner of Andy Murray/Milos Raonic this weekend.  Both of these games are on in the middle of the night for us Americans because—you know, they’re in Australia, but if you’re up, they should make for exciting matches!


The NFL Pro Bowl. Sunday is the Pro Bowl or the NFL’s All-Star game.  Check out all your favorite NFL players, that is, unless they are the New England Patriots or are sitting out to prep for the Super Bowl.  Who will be at the game in sunny Hawaii?  QBs Russell Wilson and Eli Manning who will be playing for Hall of Famer Teams Irvin and Rice.


College Basketball.  Getting a head start on filling out your March Madness bracket?  You can get some heavy-duty research done this Saturday.  These are the major games that people are excited for are:

  • #11 Virginia @ #16 Louisville
  • #20 Kentucky @ #4 Kansas
  • #1 Oklahoma @ LSU -- LSU is unranked but they have the prospective #1 NBA draft pick Ben Simmons, so this should make for a fun matchup against Oklahoma's star Buddy Hield.


The NHL All-Star Weekend.  This Sunday you can tune in to see the new 3-on-3 tournament style NHL All-Star games.  It might not make for the best viewing as All-Stars Washington Capitals winger Alex Ovechin will be out due to injury and Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews is out recovering from illness.  They will each be suspended for one regular season game for missing the All-Star game.  Why is that?  The NHL implemented this rule to create consequences for star players who choose to skip this otherwise inconsequential game.  Who will be there?  Enforcer John Scott who was the victim of a fan-voting prank.  Maybe he’ll play really well and prove them all wrong?


Can’t wait to see how these games all turn out?  You’ll find out what you need to know in Monday's recap!