The One Where We Break Our Hands On Your Face

Super Bowl Countdown: T-11 days

Fun Fact of the Day: The Denver Broncos will be wearing white to the Super Bowl.  10 of the last 11 teams to win the Super Bowl wore white…  coincidence?

Today's Rundown


Andy Murray’s week just got a little bit better.  Last night he defeated David Ferrer to advance to the Australian Open semifinal.  Earlier in the week, Murray admitted that he wanted to quit the tournament when his father-in-law collapsed courtside.  Murray’s very pregnant wife at home in Britain probably added to the stress. In match-fixing news, the tennis governing bodies are creating another independent body to review tennis’s anti-corruption group, which was supposed to oversee the match-fixing allegations.  Meta.



Did you forget about the HGH scandal?  The NFL almost did.  A few weeks ago, an Al Jazeera documentary accused Broncos QB Peyton Manning of having HGH shipped to his wife in 2011 when he was recovering from neck surgeries.  After some initial uproar, these accusations quickly disappeared, which made New England Patriots fans sit up and say, Hey! What gives?”  Why do Patriots fans care so much?  Their hero QB Tom Brady continues to be put through the wringer over last year’s DeflateGate scandal.  The NFL is now performing a full examination of Manning’s HGH claims, but the results aren’t expected until after the Super Bowl (Feb. 7).

Spotlight on Blake Griffin’s Broken Hand

You probably know Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin for his impressive dunking ability and hilarious Kia commercials.  Yesterday, he had to answer some awkward questions about his broken hand. 

How did he break it? Griffin reportedly punched close friend and team equipment manager, Matias Testi in the face outside a Toronto restaurant where the team was having dinner. There are no details on what the argument was about, but hopefully it was worth more than the fight Kobe Bryant allegedly had over $100.  It looks like Griffin will be out for the next 4-6 weeks as he waits for his hand to heal.  He could also face additional discipline from the league.

Will the Clippers miss him? Griffin has been out the past month with a quad injury, and the Clippers have looked pretty decent without him.  But don’t dismiss Griffin just yet, because most of their wins were against teams with losing records.


Rows and rows of cornEveryone is super energized about rookie Latvian sensation Kristaps Porzingis on the New York Knicks.  But before Porzingis could win over the public, he had to win over Knicks long-time star Carmelo Anthony.  He managed to bond with Anthony, by admitting that when he was growing up he admired Anthony so much that he got his trademark cornrows.  Cute, but probably don’t try that look again.