The One Where We Are Aren’t Match-Fixing… Who? Us?

Super Bowl Countdown:  T-12 days

Fun Fact of the Day:  There is a 13 year age gap between Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning, 39 and Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, 26.  This is the biggest age gap between QBs in a Super Bowl.

Today's Rundown


Can anyone beat this team?  Seriously, anyone?  The #2 San Antonio Spurs were supposed to be our best hope at defeating the #1 Golden State Warriors, but the Warriors cruised to another easy victory last night (120-90). Warriors Steph Curry was unstoppable scoring 37 points in only 28 minutes, and then peacefully resting during the 4th quarter.  The Spurs tried 3 different defenders on Steph, including their best defensive player Kawhi Leonard, but it wasn’t enough.  Maybe next time, if Spurs veteran Tim Duncan is able to play things will be different?  Maybe???  For now, the Warriors continue on pace to beat the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record 72-10 season.



Deja vu.  Yesterday, in the Australian Open Quarterfinals #1 Serena Williams easily defeated #5 Maria Sharapova, making this the 18th straight time Serena has beaten Maria.  Who else made it to the Semifinals? Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer who will play each other while we work on our REM cycles, at 3:30am ET Thursday.  Meanwhile, some doubles players didn’t get the memo that this isn’t the best week to fix-a-match.


College Basketball

Lots of movement at the top.  Yesterday, #24 Duke lost to #15 Miami (69-80), making this Duke's 4th loss in the past 5 games.  This marks the worst start for Duke in 20 years.  Ouch.  #4 Kansas can feel their pain, as they were upset by #14 Iowa State last night (85-72).  Iowa State looks like they are ready for the big time, as they also upset #1-ranked Oklahoma last week.

Spotlight on Jameis Winston and the FSU settlement

Yesterday, Florida State University (FSU) settled a lawsuit brought by former student Erica Kinsman for $950K, of which Erica will receive $250K.

Uh, should I know what happened here?  You may remember that in 2013-2014, QB Jameis Winston was FSU’s golden child.  He won the Heisman trophy and led the team to a National Championship. But then it came to light that Erica had made rape allegations against Jameis earlier in the fall.  It was a case of he-said/she-said and FSU didn’t do much follow-up on the report.  Cue the negligence lawsuit by Erica.

What happened to Jameis?  Jameis started doing a string of bizarre activities that weren’t awesome for someone being scrutinized by the media, including screaming obscenities and stealing crab legs from the supermarket.  Despite all this, he was drafted #1 in the NFL draft and just completed a pretty impressive rookie season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What happened to Erica?  Erica transferred away from FSU due to local backlash from football fans.  But this saga isn’t over quite yet.  She still has an ongoing civil suit against Jameis for the sexual assault and he’s countersued for defamation.