The One Where We Are Not Josie Grossie Anymore!

Today's Rundown


The NHL meets every teen prom movie ever. This year the NHL decided to change up their All-Star game format by featuring a mini-tournament of 3-on-3 games.  To encourage participation, they also decided to allow fans to vote for the 4 divisional team captains.  Some fans decided to have a little fun with the new rules and started a social media campaign to vote for Arizona Coyotes enforcer John Scott as the Pacific team captain. 

What’s so funny about that?   Scott has played in the NHL for 10 years and scored a total of 11 goals in his career.  Let’s just say he’s not on the same level as the other All-Star team captains.  When Scott won the most number of votes, fans chuckled gleefully at their hilarious prank, until things started to get a little sad.

What happened to poor Josie Grossie—I mean, John Scott?  The NHL reportedly pressured Scott to decline the nomination and bow out of the game.  When Scott didn’t decline and was instead genuinely excited to play, he was suspiciously traded out of the Pacific division and demoted to the AHL (like the hockey minor leagues). This looked like a pretty obvious attempt by the NHL to disqualify Scott from the game.  But yesterday, the bigwigs must have grown consciences or re-watched “Never Been Kissed”, because they announced that they will allow Scott to be Prom Queen—I mean, Pacific Team Captain after all.  Cue the choreographed dance!



What’s happening down under?  Tennis stars have gathered halfway across the globe for the Australian Open.  Maybe Rafael Nadal, Venus Williams, and Simona Halep didn’t get adjusted to the time zone because they were all unexpectedly kicked out during the first round.  Who didn’t catch upset fever? Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have all cruised through to the 3rd round.  Meanwhile, off the court, there is a growing call for the names of suspected match-fixers.

Spotlight on the AFC Conference Championship

The NFL Playoffs continue this weekend with the Conference Championship Round.  We will spotlight each matchup, so you know what to look out for when you’re watching this weekend.

Today’s feature is the AFC matchup between the #2 New England Patriots @ the #1 Denver Broncos, airing on Sunday at 3:05pm ET.

The last one?  Everyone will be talking about this game, because it could be the last matchup of two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. At 38 and 39, Patriots Tom Brady and Broncos Peyton Manning are the two oldest starting QBs in the league.  While Brady is still going strong, Manning’s throwing arm isn’t what it used to be and he was sidelined most of this season with a foot injury.

The Patriots are favored to win this game, because they finally have a healthy team, including star WR Julian Edelman back in the game.  It’s definitely hard to bet against Brady, who has 4 Super Bowl wins, tied with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most of all time. 

Manning, on the other hand, has only 1 Super Bowl ring, so he will be looking to add to his collection before he retires from the game.  Unfortunately, this may not be his year because past neck surgeries have left him with the arm strength of a lazy sloth.  He’ll be leaning heavily on the Broncos fantastic defense that leads the league in sacks.  Fortunately for Peyton, the defense is pretty confident and already starting to talk a little smack.  Hopefully, Brady doesn’t cry



That time your boss fat shamed you. Yesterday, Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said RB Eddie Lacy must lose weight, during a press conference. Lacy’s first two seasons with the Packers were fantastic, but this past season he came back with a little more “padding” and ankle, groin, and rib injuries.  Hopefully, Lacy can get back into shape during the off-season and stay away from the “China food.”