The One Where Maybe We Should Be Head Coaches?!

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Possible NBA Finals Preview?  The San Antonio Spurs extended their win streak at home to 32 games last night when they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers,  meaning they haven't lost at home since March of last year.  Everyone was super excited for the game because the Cavs are the top team in the East and the Spurs are right behind the Warriors in the West.  How did the Spurs win?  Lockdown defense by Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard to shut down the Cav's top players Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.  Honestly, I’m just impressed that the Spurs are still as good as they are with Tim Duncan at 39 and Manu Ginobili at 38.  Maybe their staying power comes from all the HEB products that they eat?



You get a coach!  You get a coach!  Everybody gets a coach!  Yesterday, head coaches were snatched up faster than hair crimpers in the 80s.  Didn’t hear about any of the moves?  I’ve got you covered:

A match made in San Francisco. Chip Kelly will be the new San Francisco 49ers Head Coach. You may remember that the Philadelphia Eagles dumped Kelly a few weeks ago.  Why did they let him go?  On top of head coaching duties, Kelly talked the Eagles into giving him control over personnel decisions.  Then he made a series of really bad trades that led to a pathetic season. Oopsies!  Now, it looks like Kelly has learned his lesson and is going to stick to head coaching. He’s found a promising home in San Francisco that could be a good match for his quick and creative offense, especially if athletic QB Colin Kaepernick is able to recover from his shoulder injury by next season.

Head coach?  Naaaah. Tom Coughlin resigned from being the NY Giants Head Coach earlier this month.  Since then, he has been looking around at other options, including Kelly’s old job at the Philadelphia Eagles.  Negotiations were getting pretty hot and heavy, but yesterday Coughlin got cold feet and decided to withdraw himself from consideration, because it wasn’t the right “fit.”  

Continuity, continuity, continuity.  Yesterday, the NY Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to promote their offensive coordinators to head coaching roles. They both cited team continuity as the reason, but if they weren’t going to make a big change why did they fire their head coaches in the first place?  Hmmm…

Spotlight on the NFL Playoffs:  Divisional Round

The NFL Playoffs continue this weekend with the Divisional Round, where winners of last week’s Wild Card Round will play the top seeded teams in each conference.  We have been spotlighting a different game each day, so you know what to look out for when you’re watching this weekend. 

Today’s feature is the AFC matchup between the #6 Pittsburgh Steelers @ the #1 Denver Broncos, airing on Sunday at 4:40pm ET.

The black and blue Steelers. The Steelers were ravaged by injuries during last week’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. QB “Big Ben” Roethlisberger is taking it day-by-day as he recovers from torn ligaments in his throwing shoulder and WR Antonio Brown may sit out depending on the NFL concussion protocol.  If neither is able to play, this could look like a shell of the Steelers team we watched last week.

Are you sure you can still throw that thing?  Earlier this week the Denver Broncos announced that Peyton Manning will be their starting QB for this week’s game.  Manning is a clear future hall-of-famer, but the Steelers probably aren’t intimidated by a 39-year-old with weak arm strength and a laundry list of past ailments, including 3 neck surgeries, no feeling in his fingertips, and an injured foot.  We’ll see if head coach Gary Kubiak can come up with the right game plan to take advantage of Manning’s experience and high football IQ.  Hopefully, WR Demaryius Thomas’s mom will be able to make it there to cheer them on.

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Watch out for the Golden State Warriors vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers this MLK Jr. Day! These are the top teams in each conference, so you can bet they will be bringing their game faces.


Have a Happy MLK Jr. Day!  We’ll see you on Tuesday!