The One Where We Find Our Mojo

Today's Rundown


Who wants to move to La La Land?  Maybe the better question is who wouldn’t want to move to sunny Los Angeles? Last week the St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers, and Oakland Raiders all submitted official bids to relocate.  These teams have some of the oldest stadiums in the league and claimed that they don’t make enough money in their current markets to be profitable.

Who gets to make the big move?  Yesterday, the NFL team owners met in Houston to discuss the proposals and approved a move by the St. Louis Rams to build a nearly $2 billion stadium in Inglewood (just outside L.A.).  The Rams may have roommates, if the Chargers exercise their option to join the Rams in the new stadium by January 16, 2017.  If they decline or can’t agree, then the Raiders have the next shot at bunking up with the Rams.  

Why are the Rams trying to get out of St. Louis?  The Rams called L.A. home for nearly 50 years before moving to St. Louis in 1995.  They are particularly happy to leave the Lou, after they described the city as “struggling” in their relocation bid and got some backlash from the residents and mayor. But it’s not all sunshine and B-list actors in Inglewood, the Rams must pay a $550 million relocation fee to the NFL to move back to the bigger, more desirable market.


A heartwarming recovery.  Yesterday, Houston Texans reserve DT Devon Still took to Instagram to happily announce that his five-year-old daughter Leah Still beat cancer!  You may remember that Still was cut from the Cincinnati Bengals two years ago, but they kept him on as a practice squad player to help him pay for his daughter’s cancer treatments.  The Bengals also sold Still’s jerseys in support of pediatric cancer research.  Now, Leah has finished her last cancer treatment and we’re all so proud of her for being #Leahstrong



Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Last night, #11-ranked West Virginia upset #1-ranked Kansas (74-63).  West Virginia played incredible defense and was able to maintain a lead throughout much of the game.  This comes as a huge surprise after Kansas maintained its #1 ranking, following a narrow triple overtime victory to #2 Oklahoma last week.  In other upset news, unranked Michigan beat out #3 Maryland, #8 Miami fell to #12 Virginia,  and unranked Texas defeated #17 Iowa State in overtime.  What's up with all these upsets?  Not sure, but the fact that all the favored teams were playing away games might have something to do with it.

Spotlight on the NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

The NFL Playoffs will continue this weekend with the Divisional Round, where winners of last week’s Wild Card Round will play the top seeded teams in each conference.  We will spotlight a different game each day, so you know what to look out for when you’re watching this weekend.

Today’s feature is the NFC matchup between the #5 Green Bay Packers @ the #2 Arizona Cardinals, airing on Saturday at 8:15pm ET.

Just like that!  Don’t move a muscle!  The Cardinals will want to play a carbon copy of their win against the Packers from just a few weeks ago (38-8).  During that game, the Cardinals’ offense looked polished and ran creative plays under QB Carson Palmer, who is having the best season of his career.  The defense was also picture perfect, sacking Packers QB Aaron Rodgers 8 times, causing him to fumble 5 times, and returning 2 of those fumbles for touchdowns. 

How the Packers got their groove back.    Last week the Packers looked like their old selves when they handily defeated the Washington Redskins in the first round of the playoffs.  Packers superstar QB Aaron Rodgers looked happy at the end of the game and said it was exactly what they needed to get their “mojo” back.  Now it looks like he’s back to being the franchise player that we all know and love, while all the players around him are also playing better and getting open.  However, Rodgers will have one fewer weapon at his disposal this week, because WR Devonte Adams will be out for this game with a sprained MCL.  Another thing that might upset Rodgers’s mojo?  Awkward convos with girlfriend Olivia Munn’s mom about how they are decidedly not engaged.  Oops!