The One Where We Ask if We Should Trust Some Guy Named Sly

Today's Rundown


Your Cousins going to the playoffs (38-24).  Last night the Washington Football Team defeated the Philadelphia Eagles and kicked them out of playoff contention.  Washington QB Cousins played well, except for one pretty embarrassing blunder at the end of the 1st half.  Washington was up 16-10, and had possession of the ball.  They were quickly marching up the field and were within 10 yards of the end zone with 6 seconds left.  Because there was so little time left in the half, the standard move would be to spike the ball to stop the clock to allow the kicker to come in and score a field goal for 3 additional points.  Instead, Cousins had a complete brain fart and took a knee, which ran out the clock through the end of the first half.  He immediately realized his mistake and tried to spike the ball, but it was too late.  Sports news reporters and Twitter trolls alike had a good laugh, asking if Cousins “quarterback[s] much?”    Regardless, he was able to come out with composure in the second half and Washington was able to clinch the game and the division title.  



It is not snowing in Vermont, but it is snowing in Texas?!  (20-14) Washington State defeated Miami in El Paso at the Hyundai Sun Bowl, yesterday.  It was a bizarre snowy game in El Paso, which didn’t allow either team to showcase their usually spectacular offense, but congrats to Washington State for taking home victory!  

Spotlight on some guy named 'Sly'

Al Jazeera announced today that they were releasing a documentary, in which they alleged that several high profile athletes, most notably Broncos QB Peyton Manning, took human growth hormone (HGH).  Their major informant was a man named Charlie Sly, who spoke with an undercover reporter working for the network.

What does this ‘Sly’ say happened?  Sly says that HGH was given to Manning back in 2011 when he was recovering from four neck surgeries.  The prescriptions were given to Manning’s wife by the Guyer Institute where Manning was being treated, so there would be no record of the transaction.

Mmmhmm sure, Sly.  Sly has recently recanted his statement.  Additionally, the Guyer Institute released a statement that Sly only worked for them as a pharmacy intern for a few months during 2013, not during 2011.

What does Peyton have to say?  Peyton has called the report “garbage” and “a freaking joke.”  He also got quite red-faced and hot and bothered by the report.  Stay tuned for further developments.  

Hot Read


Are you in or are you out?  Today we have a series of matchups that have serious playoff implications for one or both teams, so it’s time to break out the beers and make some prop bets.  Here are the games you need to watch:

  • New England Patriots @ New York Jets:   The Patriots already have a guaranteed spot, but this is make it or break it time for the Jets who are still hopeful for a wildcard spot in the AFC conference to make it to the playoffs.  But things don’t look great for them, as the Pats have won 8 out of 9 of their last meetings.  
  • Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City ChiefsThe Chiefs started off with a rocky 1-5 start, but they have won their past 8 games.  If they don’t have any major blunders, tomorrow could be a great chance to clinch their spot in the playoffs.  
  • Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins:  The Colts need at least one more win to make the playoffs and they stand a pretty good chance against the Dolphins who have looked rough all season, including an abysmal loss last week to the San Diego Chargers, who by the way are also terrible.  
  • Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals:  These two teams both look good right now and already have guaranteed playoff spots, so this will just be a fun game to watch.  The Cardinals are favored to win because they have won their past 8 games, and the Packers offense looked shaky and demotivated midway through the season.  
  • New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings:  This game has playoff implications for both teams, who are fighting for playoff spots.  The Giants are going to be shorthanded because WR Odell Beckham Jr. has been suspended for the game, due to targeting drama earlier this week.  If the Giants are up in the last two minutes of the game, don’t give up and go to bed early, because the Giants have lost 5 games this season during crunchtime.