The One Where We All Regret that Second Helping

Today's Rundown


And the big lump of coal goes to... the Cleveland Cavaliers!  The Golden State Warriors beat the Cavs again (89-83) yesterday, in the highly anticipated rematch of last year’s NBA Finals.  This was the first time these two teams have faced off since Golden State took home the crown, and even though LeBron James insisted that this was no different than any other game, we all know that it was a big deal.  Both teams were superb on defense, making this the first home game in over 1 year where the Warriors have scored fewer than 100 points.  The Warriors were ahead most of the game even though their star player Steph Curry was out for nearly half of the game due to a calf injury.  But let’s not undersell the Cav’s performance, LeBron kept them in the game, and the result was far closer than most games for Golden State this season.  The Warriors lead the League in average point differential this season, on average beating opponents by 13 points. 


Last night the Lakers were defeated by the Los Angeles Clippers.  This game was kind of a non-event, because the Lakers have been horrible this season, though there were a couple things of note: (1) it marked Kobe’s 16th and last Christmas Day game, the most in League history; and (2) this amaaaaaazing attempted rebound(?!?!?!) that Lakers power forward Larry Nance turned into a basket for the other team.  It was horrific, hilarious, impressive, and embarrassing all at once—much like the rest of the Lakers season, but more on that later.

Hot Read


You Like That?  The Washington Football Team has a pretty good chance of defeating the Philadelphia Eagles today and clinching the NFC East title, ensuring their place in the playoffs this year.  It’s been a long journey for Washington and all eyes will be on Kirk Cousins, who got the starting quarterback job this year over Robert Griffin III.  He’s had an impressive performance this season, including narrowly beating out the Eagles in Week 4, being the first QB in club history with over six 300-yard passing games, and developing a sweet catch phrase.  Let’s see if he’s able to help bring home victory over the Eagles, who will be missing key assets in their defense, including their two starting cornerbacks.



POINTS POINTS POINTS POINTS POINTS POINTS, EVERYBODY...  Today the best college bowl game to tune into is Miami v. Washington State.  Both teams are impressive on offense and pretty weak on defense, which should make for a fun, high-scoring game.  Be sure to keep your eyes on both teams’ quarterbacks who are some of the top passers in the game.  Miami’s QB is Brad Kaaya who was the ACC’s Rookie of the Year last year.  Washington State’s quarterback, Luke Falk was a walk-on (meaning that he tried out and wasn’t recruited for the position), back-up QB last season, who was promoted to starting QB mid-way through 2014 and held on to the starting spot this year.  It should make for a fun game.