The One Where We All Want to Shake the 76ers and Yell “The System Isn’t Working!”

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Yep, still suspended.  As expected, the NFL denied WR Odell Beckham Jr’s appeal regarding his 1-game suspension for that brutal helmet-to-helmet targeting during Sunday’s game against the Panthers.  Beckham apologized for his actions via Twitter, stating that he “dropped the ball on sportsmanship” (his sweet pun, not mine).  This means that Beckham will miss this Sunday’s game, when the NY Giants will take on the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings have been looking pretty good this season and will be hoping to clinch their spot for the playoffs.  While technically the Giants are not mathematically eliminated from achieving a wild card spot, their chances look pretty slim without Beckham.

Spotlight on the 76ers and the Worst Start in NBA History

The Philadelphia 76ers are bad.  Sorry, that was an understatement.  Let me try again, they are the-likes-of-which-no-one-has-ever-seen-before bad.  It’s been about two months since the NBA season started, and the Philadelphia 76ers have won 1 and lost 30 games.  They passed the worst start in NBA History, 3 losses ago

What in the world is going on?  The Sixers have been terrible for a few years now, so in some sense, none of this is new.  This is all a part of their tanking “strategy” that they have been implementing since Sam Hinkie took over as General Manager (“GM”) for the 76ers in 2013.  Over the past couple of seasons, they have been intentionally trading away some of their older, most productive players in order to have a worse team. 

Why on Earth would you want to suck this bad?  Every summer, the NBA teams with the worst records from the previous season get a higher probability of selecting the top college basketball players for their teams in the NBA draft.  Hinkie’s plan is to hoard draft picks in the hopes of getting a game-changing player that he will build his team around.  In theory, this doesn’t seem like the worst idea.  The problem is that the process of tanking to get those top draft picks is incredibly painful to watch, let alone to be one of the poor young players on the team, who has to play for another 50 hopeless games this season.

What’s next?  Hard to say.  The Sixers have heard a lot from naysayers recently, including the Commissioner Adam Silver and fellow team-owners who are not happy about the lackluster ticket sales whenever the Sixers come to town.  In response, the Sixers have brought in renowned former-basketball owner and GM Jerry Colangelo as Chairman of Basketball Operations to help turn things around.

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The last game in Oakland… maybe.  Tonight the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders are facing off in a game of little consequence, because neither team is in the running to make the playoffs.  But you can bet fans of the Chargers and Raiders will be watching this division rivalry match up, because this could be the last one ever!  The NFL is looking to move one or two teams to Los Angeles, the St. Louis Rams are one possible contender for the move, and the Chargers and Raiders placed a bid to build a stadium in L.A. together.  Stay tuned to see which team gets the go-ahead.