The One Where It's a Slow News Day

Today's Rundown


Zips show that they’re a bunch of spuds (23-21).  The Akron Zips won the first bowl victory in its school’s history, defeating favored Utah State, in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. The MVP of the game was the kicker -- a sentence that has been uttered by literally no one ever – Robert Stein, who scored three field goals.  Akron’s formidable defense was also instrumental in keeping Utah State and their athletic QB Chuckie Keeton at bay.  In the last few minutes of the game, Utah State had narrowed the lead to just two points, and attempted an onside kick for one last chance at the ball, but it was recovered by Akron, ending the game.

When it rains it pours (32-17). Toledo was expected to lose in the Boca Raton Bowl because of Temple’s strong defense, and because Toledo’s head coach Matthew Campbell was hired away by Iowa State at the end of the season.  This bowl game was Toledo’s first test for newly promoted head coach and former-offensive coordinator Jason Candle.  Despite the odds being stacked against them and a torrential downpour, Toledo was able to score 20 points in the second half and easily bring home this victory.

Spotlight on the Pro Bowl

The picks for the NFL Pro Bowl were selected yesterday, with the most players (10) selected from the undefeated Carolina Panthers.  No surprise likely-future MVP for the season Cam Newton (QB for the undefeated Panthers) was picked, as was Tom Brady for the 11th time, the most of any player on the field. 

Great, and what is the Pro Bowl, again?  Good question!  Let me tell you. 

The Pro Bowl is the NFL’s all star game, where players are voted in by the players themselves, the coaches, and football fans—each getting 1/3 of the vote.  Past Football Hall of Famers serve as the coaches of the teams and they pick the teams, high-school-gym style a few days before the match up. 

OK, it’s the best players in the league, shouldn’t I have heard of this before?  Meh, not necessarily.  The NFL Pro Bowl is actually has way less viewership than a regular NFL game.  This is because the game takes place right after the playoffs and right before the Super Bowl.  This means that players that are going to play in the Super Bowl will opt out, and replacements are picked.  The players that actually end up going take it super easy on each other, because no one wants to get injured in a meaningless game.  The NFL also tries to make it safer for the players by making all sorts of different rules for the game that make it more boring to watch—like “no blitzes” and “yes, intentional grounding.” 

All in all, it’s kind of a snooze, but a big honor to be voted in for the players.

Hot Read


An un-appealing decision.  Today is the day for Odell Beckham Jr’s appeal regarding his 1-day suspension for that brutal helmet-to-helmet targeting during yesterday’s game.  What was his side of the story? Beckham said he felt threatened by members of the other team when they had a baseball bat during warm-ups and made comments about ending his career.  Then Beckham went completely bonkers during the game possibly due to some additional taunting and anti-gay slurs made by Panthers CB Josh Norman.  Beckham committed 3 personal fouls, including one that set Twitter on fire and made the NFL fat cats take notice.  Since yesterday, the NFL has sent a friendly reminder to all teams that there are no “foreign objects” allowed on the field or sideline during game play.