The Last One

Fun Fact of the Day: You may have heard that someone stole New England Patriots QB Tom Brady’s jersey after the Super Bowl. The thief is still at large with the jersey valued at $500,000. That sure sounds like a lot, but what’s the most expensive jersey of all time?  Babe Ruth’s first jersey with the Yankees from 1920 was sold for $4.4M in 2012.

Today’s Rundown


It’s Showtime.  The L.A. Lakers just went through a big shakeup in their front office. Co-owner Jeanie Buss fired the team’s longtime general manager Mitch Kupchak as well as her very own brother, executive vice president of basketball operations Jim Buss. To replace them, she hired Hall of Famer Magic Johnson as the new president of basketball operations and she’s expected to name Kobe Bryant’s sports agent Rob Pelinka as the new GM.  How did I know this was going to happen? Just a couple weeks ago, Jeanie hired Magic as an advisor. A lot of people thought this as a bad sign for Jeanie’s big bro Jim, who famously said in 2014 that he would resign if he wasn’t able to turn the team around.  Well, now it’s 2017 and the Lakers are expected to miss the playoffs for a 4th straight season—the longest postseason drought in franchise history. Let’s see if Magic can work some magic.



The same old game.  This season, baseball is going to follow the same old rules. MLB tried to propose some rule changes that they thought might speed up the game like installing pitch clocks and limiting manager trips to the pitcher’s mound, but the MLB Players Association voted against all the proposed changes except the intentional-walk rule (psst—now, pitchers can just signal for a walk and won’t have to waste time tossing 4 pitches outside the strike zone). Commissioner Rob Manfred said he was disappointed that the Players Association didn’t entertain more of the proposed changes. Now, MLB has the option to make the changes unilaterally for the 2018 season, if they give 1-year’s notice.

Seen and Heard


Pie on his face.  Here’s a weird story that’s making its way around the internet. Wayne Shaw aka the “roly poly goalie” weighs 325 pounds and is the backup goalie for a tiny fifth tier club in England. On Monday, his team was in the middle of a 2-1 loss to Arsenal in the FA Cup, when he was caught on camera eating a meat pie on the sidelines. Afterwards, Shaw revealed in an interview that he knew bookies were offering an 8-1 prop bet if he was caught eating a pie during the game, so he decided to give them something to talk about. The Gambling Commission caught wind of Shaw’s answer and didn’t like it one bit. Now, Shaw’s been forced to resign from the team and he’s currently under investigation for helping his buddies win the bet.

Thank You

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