Leicester City

Why is the Leicester City team so interesting?  In 2016, Leicester City (pronounced Lesterclinched its first Premier League title.  In a league that is usually dominated by the same handful of teams, this is the first time that a new club has won the title since 1977-78

Long shot turned sure thing.  Just last year, Leicester was at the bottom of the Premier League standings and were nearly relegated to a lower, less prestigious league.  This year, they rose to the top of the standings because of their humble coach, impressive teamwork, and undervalued talent!

Who’s their biggest star?  They don’t have any household names, but the player that really rose to the top of the pack was striker Jamie Vardy.  He set a Premier League record by scoring in 11 straight games this season and won England’s prestigious Footballer of the Year award.  Unfortunately, he missed the past 2 matches after he was suspended for a penalty.  Where did you even come from?  Just 3 seasons ago, Vardy was playing in the 5th division (psst— that’s the 5th best football league in England, whereas the Premier League is the best league)

Who isn’t celebrating?  Your English bookie.  English betting houses will lose a total of $11.4M because they offered 5000-to-1 odds against Leicester at the beginning of this season.  Not a gambling fiend?  Here’s some perspective on how insanely slim those odds are: other 5,000-to-1 odd bets that you can make are that Big Foot is real and Elvis Presley will be found alive. The longest shot to win next year’s Super Bowl is the Cleveland Browns at 200-to-1.