Pro Bowl

What is the Pro Bowl, again?  The Pro Bowl is the NFL’s all star game, where players are voted in by the players themselves, the coaches, and football fans—each getting 1/3 of the vote.  Past Football Hall of Famers serve as the coaches of the teams and they pick the teams, high-school-gym style a few days before the match up. 

OK, it’s the best players in the league, shouldn’t I have heard of this before?  Meh, not necessarily.  The NFL Pro Bowl is actually has way less viewership than a regular NFL game.  This is because the game takes place right after the playoffs and right before the Super Bowl.  This means that players that are going to play in the Super Bowl will opt out, and replacements are picked.  The players that actually end up going take it super easy on each other, because no one wants to get injured in a meaningless game.  The NFL also tries to make it safer for the players by making all sorts of different rules for the game that make it more boring to watch—like “no blitzes” and “yes, intentional grounding.” 

All in all, it’s kind of a snooze, but a big honor to be voted in for the players.