College Football Playoffs

What are the College Football Playoffs?  The College Football Playoffs were started in 2014. The top four teams in the country are selected and ranked by a 13-member committee.  They face off in two semi-final games: one where the #1 seed will play the #4 team and a second where the #2 team will play the #3 team.  The winner of each game will face off in the College Football Championship Game to crown the national champ!

What did they do before the playoffs?  A National Football Champion has been awarded since 1869, but there have been many different systems for selecting the champ. Before the current Playoffs, the Bowl Championship Series (“BCS”) was the system from 1998-2013.  Under the BCS, teams were ranked based on a combination of polling by coaches and a computer algorithm.  Then 10 teams were selected to play in 5 bowl games.  There was a lot of criticism of this system, because these weren’t necessarily the top 10 teams.  Instead, there were complex rules requiring one team from each of the six biggest conferences, which often left out teams with undefeated records.

Trivia Queen: Who has won the most championships?  Princeton with 28 … but all of them were before 1950.