Baylor Football Scandal

What is the Baylor Football Scandal?  In 2016, Baylor made big waves in the college football world, when they terminated their head coach Art Briles.  They also demoted Kenneth Starr (yes, that Kenneth Starr) from school President to Chancellor.

Back up.  What’s going on?  In the fall of 2015, Baylor hired a law firm to review their treatment of sexual assault allegations against Baylor football players. They discovered that Baylor officials knew about several assaults, sexual assaults, and domestic violence allegations involving football players, but most of the players didn’t receive discipline or miss playing time.  In fact, some football personnel met with the victims of alleged assaults and didn’t report any misconduct to school administrators.

Some crooked cops. In one case from 2011, Waco police even helped to keep an assault involving 3 football players out of the media.  The police pulled the case from the computer system and instead kept the report in a locked office.

But football fans just want their football.  Coach Briles was with Baylor for 8 years and turned the program around from being a perennial bottom-dweller to dominating the Big 12 conference.  In the 105 years before Briles became coach, they had only one 10-win season, after he joined they had four.  In short, this firing is a big deal, because football fans are usually willing to plug their ears and scream “LALALA”as long as the team is winning.

Consequences on the field.  Following the news, top recruits have decommitted from Baylor.