The beginning...

Welcome, friends!  You’ve found the Goalposte Blog! 

I wanted to start this blog so that you could meet and get to know me—the woman behind those daily updates you have reading, and create a space where I can update you on Goalposte’s big plans for the future!

For our first post, I thought it would fitting to tell you a bit more about the events that inspired Goalposte.

Let me take you back, waaay back to the summer of 2013.  I was living in NYC with two of my best friends from law school and working as a litigation associate at a big law firm.  Earlier that year, I had found myself looking to take on more work, so I asked one of the partners that I frequently worked with if she had any other cases coming down the pike.  “Perfect timing, “ she said.  She had a big case she had started working on for Major League Baseball that she was looking to staff up.  Within a week, I was a member of the case team and getting ramped up on the pleadings.

Jill and me with our pal Bill Walton...

Jill and me with our pal Bill Walton...

I was really excited to be working on such an interesting and complex antitrust case.  But I was secretly terrified, because I knew absolutely nothing about baseball.  From time to time, my sports illiteracy would reveal itself when we were making small talk with the client.  I would just sit quietly and smile and nod, while everyone else chatted around me.  Every moment I was mute, felt like a lifetime, rich with anxiety and awkward shuffling.

My ah-ha moment came before a sports charity event that I was invited to attend.  Before the big night, I confessed that I had absolutely no idea what was happening in sports to one of my good friends at the firm.  “You have to help me!”  I pleaded.  He kindly sat me down and wrote up a brief update of the major sports news stories that people would be talking about that day.  Afterwards, I remember going back to my office and feeling like an enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  That’s exactly when a cartoon light bulb would have turned on above my head.  Somebody should just do this—develop a daily newsletter that summarizes the major sports news of the day for sports novices!  The idea for Goalposte was born.

That night my good friend and partner in crime on the MLB case Jill and I went to the big event.  While I wasn’t a complete sports whiz yet by any means, the update my friend had written for me was enormously helpful.  I was able to ask the right questions and follow along with the watercooler chatter at our table.

Of course, it would still be another 2.5 years before I started taking concrete steps to get Goalposte under way… but that’s a story for another time.  In the meantime, check out this photo of Jill and me at the big event and forcing Bill Walton to take a pic with us.