Steph Curry

Who is Steph Curry?  Steph Curry is a slight 6’3”, 190 lbs. and an insane 3-point shooter. Over the past 3 years he’s set and beaten his own NBA records for most 3-pointers in a season (272, 286, and 402). Basketball fans love him because unlike LeBron, who looks like he was formed by God to play basketball, Steph looks like a regular Joe.  Instead, his game is all about quickness and skill.  Although, Steph did have the benefit of growing up in a basketball household with his dad Dell Curry who was also a skilled shooter in the NBA.

His own obstacles.  Because of his waif-like frame, Steph was often overlooked on the court.  He wanted to play for the Virginia Tech Hokies like his dad, but they ran out of scholarships and only offered him a walk-on spot.  Instead, he went to Davidson College—a tiny 1700 student liberal arts college not known for its basketball.  Steph became an instant March Madness superstar, leading little old Davidson all the way to the Elite Eight.

Media darling.  As the 1st ever unanimous pick for MVP and a member of the record-setting 73-win Warriors, Curry is the talk of the town.  He’s one of the most well-liked athletes, because of his squeaky clean image, humble demeanor off the court, andridiculously adorable family (seriously—check out these Riley Curry videos).