LeBron James

Who is LeBron James?  LeBron is a physical beast, standing at a solid 6’8”, 250 lbs. He’s extremely versatile on the court and is considered one of the best basketball players of all time. He was scouted as early as sophomore year of high school and dubbed “The Chosen One.”  In 2003, he was drafted #1 straight out of high school by his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers and has been dominating in the league ever since. 

Hero or villain?  LeBron was the most hated man in Cleveland after he left the Cavs for the Heat in 2010 to chase championship rings, partly because he made a TV special out of it called The Decision.  When he decided to come home in 2014, he did it the right way and was welcomed back with open arms. Then he won the city of Cleveland its first Championship in 52 years, so all was forgotten.  There are plenty of reasons to love LeBron: he had humble beginnings with a teenage single-mom and even spent 2 years in foster care, he’s got serious acting chops (um, Trainwreck anyone?), he married hishigh school sweetheart, and he is a proud dad to 2 sons that are already killing it in their youth basketball leagues.

Maybe we should cut him some slack?  Some folks will say that for all his ring chasing he is actually a disappointment.  LeBron only has a 3-4 record in the NBA Finals, while Michael Jordan for example went 6-0.  But LeBron hasn’t had the supporting cast of players on his teams that stars like MJ or Kobe Bryant did.  In fact, in 3 of the 4 times he lost, his team entered with <31% chance of winning the title.