Kevin Durant

Who is Kevin Durant?  KD is a scoring machine.  He won league MVP in 2014 and has won the league scoring title 4 times. Durant’s known for his crazy 7’4” wingspan that helps him shoot over defenders. The fact that he’s also secretly super tall is also a big help.  Durant is listed as 6’9”, but recently he confessed that he’s actually 6’11”.  Why’s he been lying to us?  Growing up KD was tall for a small forward so he lied about his height to avoid getting typecast into playing power forward. Typically, small forwards are shorter, quicker, and more versatile players.

Why is he the newest NBA villain?  Durant entered free agency in the 2016 offseason, and he was the hottest ticket in town—think: the ‘Hamilton’ of the basketball world. Everyone was trying to get a piece of that sweet KD action, but he narrowed the field down to 6 teams that he met with this past week. Most basketball analysts thought Durant would stick it out one more season with the Oklahoma City Thunder because he could get a bigger contract next year when the salary cap goes up and, more importantly, because he could get one last try at bringing home the trophy for the Thunder—the team he’s been with for his entire 9-year career.  Then on the 4th of July, while we were grilling burgers and watching fireworks, he tried to slip one past us by quietly announcing that he’s leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors.  Nice try, KD. 

Should we just hand the Warriors the trophy now? Last season, the Warriors dominated the league, setting an NBA regular-season record with 73 wins. Then in a crazy and momentous NBA Finals, they were upset by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 7 games. Now with KD on their roster, the Warriors are looking even more unstoppable.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Before KD’s move, the Thunder were one of the few teams that were serious contenders for the title.  This past season, they came this close to beating the Warriors in the Western Conference finals. Now, some folks are calling Durant a chicken for leaving a great team for an even better team and Thunder fans are giving KD the LeBron treatment.