MLB All-Star Game

What is the MLB All-Star game?  The All-Star game or "Midsummer Classic" is played between teams composed of the biggest stars from the National League and American League. Fans voted online for their favorite players, who will start the game. Managers and players picked the pitchers and bench players.

What do the winners get?  Unlike the other major sports’ All-Star games (which are just fun and meaningless exhibition games), the MLB All-Star game has very real stakes. The winning league gets home field advantage during the World Series!

Do the fans get it right?  The fan-voting process isn’t perfect. For example, in 2015 MLB canceled 65 million votes after Kansas City Royals fans stuffed the ballot boxes. In 2016, it didn’t look like there was voting fraud, but some people still aren’t happy that the starting lineup is picked by a popularity contest.